At first we spent some time discussing the project our group brainstormed some rough ideas. It wasn’t too long until the trace paper was brought out and some of the rough ideas were turned into rough sketches. There were a few options of how to create the space in the most effective way without getting rid of any of the access to the Art and Architecture building that already exists. We wanted to make sure that the access to the bottom floor was still just as easy to get to as the new access to the second level. We also discussed different ways to show the presentation, the different programs that could be used for the renderings and the different views for the drawings. The three views that became possibilities were a plan, section, and perspective. Some more ideas were put down on paper and we decided to call it a night and meet up again on Saturday.


When we met up again the next day Whitney had used Sketch-up to create a rendering of the original building. Brandon got on another program and showed us some more ideas. Everyone showed me some more of the creation and alteration of the digital models. Then Haley showed me some different ways to arrange the presentation board. Ali wrote the project description. After what felt like a long, full day of working they made some finishing touches on everything and we sent all of the drawings in an email to Haley so that she could put them on the presentation board. After the day was over I was glad that my group was so helpful in telling me more about what it’s like going through the architecture program at UT. They told me about teachers and projects and answered any questions that I asked.